What is La Fonda?

Conviviality, simplicity, home.
A place to be good, together.

La Fonda is a wine bar with a kitchen where typical products are combined with beers, artisanal and otherwise, with Sicilian wines, especially natural wines, and with a variety of proposals for aperitifs, such as cocktails or the classic Venetian spritz.
Along with products and recipes from our territory, we also want to intrigue and create new gastronomic mixtures.

Our lives have taken us to various places, we have met people from different cultures and backgrounds and each of them has allowed us to discover a new piece of the world: all these pieces we have brought back home have allowed us to build La Fonda.

We are mestizo, like our cuisine.

  • fónda In marine parlance, a stretch of sea, in a harbor or roadstead, that provides opportunities for anchoring: to be, to stand at anchor.

  • fonda In Latin America, a fonda is a public place where food and drink are served, popular in character, similar to a tavern.


Natural wines

Natural wines are the result of a production philosophy focused on biodiversity and respect for the land.

These wines do not involve chemical interventions in the vineyard and winemaking is done using natural yeasts, defined as wild yeasts, which are, par excellence, an expression of the territory of origin.

Sicily boasts many companies that apply these production philosophies to their way of making wine and that allow us to offer you unique Sicilian wines.

Natural means the rejection of industrial viticulture
Natural means artisanal, sustainable, local.

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